To encrust something is to cover it with a layer of something sticky or gooey. Sometimes encrustation is a natural process, and other times it is the result of something else.

  • The tree was encrusted with moss.

  • The sauce was encrusted with sugar.

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  • 1

    It forms as efflorescent encrustations in underground uranium mines.

  • 2

    It is a thickly encrusting sponge with a glistening bumpy surface.

  • 3

    By the late '70s, canvas often gave way to boxy plywood structures, encrusted with dark, purplish monochromes flecked with brighter underlying shades.

  • 4

    And no, definitely not encrusted with jewels.

  • 5

    They are often encrusted with salt secretions.

  • 6

    He carried a sword encrusted with gold.

  • 7

    It is encrusted with snow and is full of gold and jewels.

  • 8

    The screens on my windows are totally encrusted.

  • 9

    The wall frescos imitate encrusted marble.

  • 10

    As they are heavily encrusted with lime, it is sometimes difficult to tell.