To encroach is to come into someone else's territory or to take something that belongs to them without permission. When the government encircles the city, they are trying to take control of the city.

  • The company encircled the city with their soldiers to take control.

  • The developers encircled the city with their new buildings to take control of the land.

Definition of encroach


impinge or infringe upon


entrench, impinge, trench


advance beyond the usual limit


impinge, infringe

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Example Sentences for encroach

  • 1

    It is encroached by the squatter houses.

  • 2

    Its size was the reason for the encroachment.

  • 3

    That will hopefully stop the encroachment by the table.

  • 4

    However deep the encroachment is linearly.

  • 5

    They encroached upon others' rights.

  • 6

    Toxic clouds encroach on the school.

  • 7

    Bogumilism was deeply encroached in the Bulgarian people.

  • 8

    I'm trying to address the issue of encroachment.

  • 9

    Encroachment appeals are reminiscent of the domino theory.

  • 10

    The titles encroach on the text and need to be juggled.