An enclave is a small, isolated group of people or animals who live in a specific area without any other people or animals nearby.

  • The enclave of lions is growing smaller each year because there are not enough food sources.

  • The enclave of bats is a valuable resource because they eat mosquitoes.

Definition of enclaves


an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it

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Example Sentences for enclaves

  • 1

    Movement for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda.

  • 2

    The first was was genetically engineered by the Enclave.

  • 3

    The military became aware of the enclave.

  • 4

    Back in the Terran enclave the travelers are enthusiastically welcomed.

  • 5

    During the war in Bosnia the village was in the Srebrenica enclave.

  • 6

    Most of the homes in the enclave were built in the 1920s and 1930s.

  • 7

    One of the ideas was to give the Point Roberts enclave to the Canadians.

  • 8

    I've read the Quasar story that left Kismet with the Enclave.

  • 9

    In the morning, she visits the great Library of the Sentinel Enclave.

  • 10

    It escalated the current political violence in the enclave, along the border.