To encircle something is to surround it completely. You can encircle a person with your arms or a group of people can be encircled by a wall.

  • The army was encircled by the enemy troops.

  • The city was encircled by a wall to keep the enemy out.

Definition of encircles


form or draw a circle around




bind with something round or circular



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Example Sentences for encircles

  • 1

    It is surrounded by the high mountains which encircle the head of the valley.

  • 2

    They encircled the city.

  • 3

    The campsites encircle the lake.

  • 4

    The pylons encircle the entire barracks.

  • 5

    The skiff encircles the school with the net.

  • 6

    A dentilled cornice encircles the tops of the walls.

  • 7

    The badge for the chancellor is a rose encircled by the Garter.

  • 8

    An inelastic strap is stitched to the sleeve and encircles the arm.

  • 9

    In some of the embodiments, the arcuate members encircle the bone.

  • 10

    The Americans intended to encircle and defeat the defenses in the city.