To emulate someone is to try to be like them as closely as possible. Emulating someone can be a way to try to become better than them.

  • She emulated her mother by becoming a doctor.

  • He emulated his father by becoming a lawyer.

Definition of emulating


To attempt to equal or be the same as.


To copy or imitate, especially a person.


To feel a rivalry with; to be jealous of, to envy.


Of a program or device: to imitate another program or device

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Example Sentences for emulating

  • 1

    The Wii emulation is an emulation, a port of the game.

  • 2

    That's the definition of emulation.

  • 3

    It emulated the success of the business.

  • 4

    The emulation mode was not supported.

  • 5

    The goal was to emulate List of Countries.

  • 6

    Emulation is the replicating of functionality of an obsolete system.

  • 7

    Many of the articles already emulate the book's achievements.

  • 8

    Is this phenomenon to be described in the main emulation article of wikipedia

  • 9

    The Executive could also emulate the following Terminals.

  • 10

    The card allowed the LC to emulate an Apple IIe.