To empathize is to feel the same emotions as someone else. When you empathize with someone, you feel the same emotions that they are feeling.

  • She empathizes with the victim, because she's been in that same situation before.

  • I empathize with the victim, because I understand how they feel.

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Example Sentences for empathize

  • 1

    I understand and empathize with concerns of this nature.

  • 2

    I fully understand and empathize with the family members pain and upset.

  • 3

    He managed to empathize with the natives.

  • 4

    Dameon is the beloved Guildmaster of the Empath Guild.

  • 5

    I fully empathize with the positions you express.

  • 6

    Any opportunity for empathizing or compromising is thrown out the window.

  • 7

    I completely empathize with you concerning the situation with Inanna.

  • 8

    I do empathize with your opinions and considerations for the article.

  • 9

    I empathize with the sentiment but the proposal ignores human nature.

  • 10

    I empathize with your inclination to view the issue as sterile.