To empathise is to feel the same emotions as someone else. Empaths are usually very good at understanding other people's feelings and motivations.

  • She empathised with the victim, and she was very upset by the tragedy.

  • He empathised with the attacker, and he was very angry at the victim.

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Example Sentences for empathise

  • 1

    I can really empathise with that.

  • 2

    I empathise with this poster's concern.

  • 3

    Viewers empathise with the character throughout.

  • 4

    Please try to empathise with both sides.

  • 5

    But there needs to be an effort to empathise on both sides.

  • 6

    I can definitely empathise in the work you.

  • 7

    I can empathise on the financial worries, for sure.

  • 8

    Makes it difficult for children throughout the world to empathise...

  • 9

    I think you may empathise with me on this one...

  • 10

    I want to empathise there was never any personal attack.