Emitters are objects that release something into the atmosphere. Cars emit pollution, and factories emit toxic chemicals.

  • The factory is releasing a lot of pollutants into the air, which is causing a lot of problems.

  • The car emits pollution, which is contributing to global warming.

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Example Sentences for emitters

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    One of two emitters is connected to the base of the double emitter transistor.

  • 2

    The factory is the largest emitter of carbon.

  • 3

    The gap in the pad forms the emitter.

  • 4

    At the emitter the luminosity of the muon beam is measured.

  • 5

    The output is taken across the emitters of the transistors.

  • 6

    The cathode electrode is formed on the main emitter region.

  • 7

    The emitter current is sum of the collector and base currents.

  • 8

    The input terminal is coupled to the emitter of the first transistor.

  • 9

    The output signal was took from the collector and not the emitter.

  • 10

    Inserting the emitter follower amounts to the insertion of a current amplifier.