An embellishment is a small detail that makes something look nicer. It can be anything from a pretty flower to a delicate necklace.

  • The dress was adorned with a beautiful embellishment on the neckline.

  • The necklace was adorned with a beautiful embellishment.

Definition of embellishment


elaboration of an interpretation by the use of decorative (sometimes fictitious) detail




the act of adding extraneous decorations to something




a superfluous ornament

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Example Sentences for embellishment

  • 1

    They embellished themselves.

  • 2

    The people embellished the crown.

  • 3

    The editor continues to embellish the fiction.

  • 4

    The object was not to embellish the Wall, but to demystify it.

  • 5

    The embellishment was then spectacular and the street became pedestrian.

  • 6

    The walls on the outside were embellished with glass.

  • 7

    The quote is supposed to embellish and amplify the subject of the text.

  • 8

    Fifty years later, the historian expanded and embellished the story.

  • 9

    The WWE has been known to embellish on the heights of their wrestlers.

  • 10

    The mosaic designs embellish the true artistry of the Hispanic culture.