An embankment is a bank or slope of earth that is used to protect a river or other body of water from flooding. They are often made from earth, rocks, or concrete.

  • The embankment was badly damaged in the storm, and the water was flooding into the town.

  • The embankment was built to protect the town from flooding.

Definition of embankments


a long artificial mound of stone or earth; built to hold back water or to support a road or as protection

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Example Sentences for embankments

  • 1

    The average base width of the Dam's earthen embankment is wide.

  • 2

    The aircraft overran the runway and hit an embankment.

  • 3

    The low embankment east of the crossing is visible.

  • 4

    In the autumn of 1811 the embankment, known as the Cob, was finished.

  • 5

    The bridge was removed in 1954 and the embankment was removed in 1959.

  • 6

    The foundations of the path to this exit remain on the northern embankment.

  • 7

    The River Blackwater used to flow under the embankment in a culvert.

  • 8

    Can pioneer roads feasibly be constructed into excavation or embankment areas

  • 9

    A freight spur exists along the embankment of the track in the parking lot.

  • 10

    The earth embankment is long with two submersible spillways, long and long.