An ellipsis (plural ellipses) is a type of punctuation mark that is used to indicate that a sentence is unfinished or unfinished at the moment that it is being written.

  • I'm sorry, but I have to go now.

  • I don't know how to do that yet.

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Example Sentences for ellipsis

  • 1

    Is there a space between the ellipsis and the first word, or not

  • 2

    Perhaps someone was confused by the use of the ellipsis.

  • 3

    The ellipsis in the earlier post hides a lot.

  • 4

    Note the ellipsis is actually shifted to the word on the right.

  • 5

    I put an ellipsis in one of the fields and it was fine.

  • 6

    Ellipsis is also commonly employed in the narrative of films.

  • 7

    The ellipsis is supposed to signify that the zeros continue forever.

  • 8

    Narrative logic allows the viewer to disregard the ellipsis in this case.

  • 9

    Note that the ellipsis near the end appears in the secondary source.

  • 10

    I think that the use of the ellipsis should be kept for the moment.