Electromagnets are objects that are powered by electricity. They are used to move things, and they are often found in machines that are used for moving things.

  • The electromagnet pulls the bar towards the magnet.

  • The electromagnet repelled the bar from the magnet.

Definition of electromagnets


a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core; when current flows in the coil the iron becomes a magnet

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Example Sentences for electromagnets

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    Energizing the electromagnet causes the drill bit to be magnetized.

  • 2

    The arm movement causes the magnet in the electromagnetic generator to move.

  • 3

    An electromagnet is employed to move the armature.

  • 4

    Sturgeon invented the electromagnet in 1823.

  • 5

    The position of the wiper is controlled by an electromagnet.

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    This is similar to the electromagnetic peeling theorem.

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    An electromagnet changes the frequency that the garnet will pass.

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    The electric current is the divergence of the electromagnetic displacement.

  • 9

    The enclosure is a frame housing the contact and the electromagnet.

  • 10

    A single electromagnet controls the operation of the selecting lever.