An eggshell is a thin layer of the outer shell of a egg. The eggshell is important because it protects the egg from being broken.

  • The eggshell was broken when the egg was dropped.

  • The eggshell is very thin, and it's easy to break.

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    The eggshells represented the miracle and the fragility of life.

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    The witch could use bits of the eggshell to poke people and sicken them.

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    Effects on wildlife and eggshell thinning.

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    But definitely very dark grey and eggshell.

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    The eggshell symbolizes the sky and the boundaries of the universe.

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    This is commonly known as the Eggshell skull rule.

  • 7

    Decrease in eggshell weight in certain birds of prey.

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    For details, see the article on the Eggshell Skull doctrine.

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    Alternatives to sand are powdered eggshell and powdered marble.

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    Theropod eggshell fragments are known from the formation.