Eggplants are a type of vegetable that is shaped like an egg. They are usually green, but they can also be purple, yellow, or red.

  • I'm going to buy some eggplants at the grocery store.

  • I'm going to fry some eggplants for dinner.

Definition of eggplants


hairy upright herb native to southeastern Asia but widely cultivated for its large glossy edible fruit commonly used as a vegetable


aubergine, brinjal, eggplant bush, garden egg, mad apple, solanum melongena


egg-shaped vegetable having a shiny skin typically dark purple but occasionally white or yellow


aubergine, mad apple

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Example Sentences for eggplants

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    Spinach and eggplant were not known until the 9th century.

  • 2

    Aubergine is the french word for eggplant.

  • 3

    The fruit is shaped like a pear or eggplant.

  • 4

    Place eggplant in colander over bowl or sink.

  • 5

    The eggplant was sometimes considered a variety violaceum of that species.

  • 6

    The plant is also used as a rootstock for grafting eggplant.

  • 7

    As a color like that of the eggplant fruit, it is attested from 1895.

  • 8

    This is the only Ethiopian Eggplant grown in Europe in significant quantities.

  • 9

    Alternatively, veal, chicken, or fish may be used in place of the eggplant.

  • 10

    It derives its name from the Italian word for eggplant, melanzane.