An effigy is a representation of a person or animal. The word effigy is usually used to describe statues or other objects that are used to represent people who have died.

  • The protesters burned an effigy of the president.

  • The sculpture is of a woman, and the effigy on top is of a man.

Definition of effigies


A dummy or other crude representation of a person, group or object that is hated.


A likeness of a person.

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Example Sentences for effigies

  • 1

    Beneath is the effigy of a knight in armour.

  • 2

    It is the largest effigy in the United States.

  • 3

    The film's denouement involves a wicker man effigy.

  • 4

    The new effigy of the queen is made out of wood.

  • 5

    The obverse bore the sovereign's effigy of George VI.

  • 6

    The obverse side bears a crowned effigy of the Queen.

  • 7

    The centre portion of the effigy was to feature two lines on the shoulder.

  • 8

    The effigy of Gurney can be seen in the Sanctuary of Northfield Church.

  • 9

    A recumbent effigy of the Prince in hussar uniform lies on the tomb chest.

  • 10

    The brass effigy is missing its head and also the coat of arms.