When someone is drunk, they are intoxicated by alcohol. This means that they are not able to think clearly or make good decisions.

  • He was so drunk that he couldn't even stand up.

  • The party was so drunken that nobody could hear the music.

Definition of drunken


given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol


bibulous, boozy, sottish

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Example Sentences for drunken

  • 1

    The impact from the blow causes the drunken man to sober up.

  • 2

    The youth drinks the mead, wine, and beer, falling into a drunken slumber.

  • 3

    A drunken man is tottering the street.

  • 4

    The drunken man totered on the street.

  • 5

    The dancer copies the drunken style of the Spirit.

  • 6

    The drunken bum theory of wife beating.

  • 7

    The drunken man doddered along the road.

  • 8

    As such, Eli spends the following days in a drunken stupor.

  • 9

    Drunken students took the streets of the small town.

  • 10

    The lout got drunken and didn't pay for the drinks.