To dozed is to fall asleep. You might dozed off while you were reading the newspaper.

  • I dozed off while I was watching TV.

  • He dozed off while he was driving.

Definition of dozed


To sleep lightly or briefly; to nap, snooze.


To make dull; to stupefy.


To bulldoze.

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Example Sentences for dozed

  • 1

    The Doze Family is a fictional family from the National Sleep Foundation.

  • 2

    But the class enemy was not dozing.

  • 3

    The people dozed during the class.

  • 4

    The princess is soothed by the music and dozes off.

  • 5

    The sunlight made the students doze in class.

  • 6

    The dog is dozing off because he is somnolent.

  • 7

    The main actor in the movie is Doze Niu himself.

  • 8

    While the cement dries, the three doze off.

  • 9

    If the situation seems safe enough, dozing off is no problem.

  • 10

    He began to stand alone in a meadow and doze during the summer.