There are always some downsides to anything. When you're looking at a new job, you'll probably hear about the downsides of the job as well.

  • The downside to working for the company is that they are not very good at paying their employees.

  • The downside to going to the party is that I won't be able to study.

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Example Sentences for downsides

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    The downside is cost and impersonal treatment.

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    The downside is that the agriculture and manufacturing is decreasing.

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    The men expatiated the downside of the road.

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    The downside is that it lessens the personal side of welcoming.

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    The downside is that the tilapia is very susceptible to diseases.

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    The downside is the need to maintain the spin coherence.

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    The downside of carbon nanofibres is the high cost.

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    The downside of the story is the use of witchcraft and magic.

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    The downside to this was that it made the page excessively long.

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    On the downside, this does magnify the chronological gaps of knowledge.