Domestication is the process of training a wild animal to live in a human-controlled environment. This can involve teaching them to obey certain commands, and it can also involve training them to perform certain tasks.

  • The domestication of the horse was a very important development in human history.

  • The domestication of the dog was a very important development in human history.

Definition of domestication


the attribute of having been domesticated




accommodation to domestic life


adaptation to intimate association with human beings

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Example Sentences for domestication

  • 1

    The cow is domesticated.

  • 2

    It is the ancestor of the domestic goat.

  • 3

    The ferret is a domestic mammal.

  • 4

    The silkworm is completely domesticated.

  • 5

    The disease is prominent in the domesticated hedgehog.

  • 6

    The dog was the only domesticated animal.

  • 7

    The domestic area is closed to the public.

  • 8

    The players play in the domestic league.

  • 9

    There was a financial crisis in the domestic market.

  • 10

    All the animals in the petting zoo are domesticated.