Dogmatism is a belief in something that is not based on evidence or reason. It's usually a belief that is not open to change.

  • The dogmatist refused to listen to any other opinion.

  • The dogmatist is very closedminded and refuses to listen to other points of view.

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    Is this the dogmatic definition of purgatory

  • 2

    The above statement is dogmatic.

  • 3

    Amandla will not be dogmatic, doctrinaire or thick.

  • 4

    Rejection of the dogmatic and artificial form of organization.

  • 5

    The dogmatic idealist denies the existence of matter.

  • 6

    The intelligent approach is not to be dogmatic in matters of definition.

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    Hopefully the contributors are neither dogmatic or ignorant of the topic.

  • 8

    Dogmatic behaviour does not help in the creation of articles.

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    Dogmatic beliefs and the abuse of religion are threats though.

  • 10

    As for dogmatism and autocracy, again, the irony couldn't be more acrid.