To dodge is to avoid something, to avoid being seen or confronted. When you dodge a question, you are trying to avoid answering it.

  • He dodged the question by saying that he didn't know the answer.

  • She dodged the question by saying that she wasn't interested.

Definition of dodged


To avoid (something) by moving suddenly out of the way.


To avoid; to sidestep.


To go hither and thither.


(videography) To decrease the exposure for certain areas of an image in order to make them darker (compare burn).


To follow by dodging, or suddenly shifting from place to place.


To trick somebody.

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Example Sentences for dodged

  • 1

    Dodge was not satisfied with the results of it.

  • 2

    The child was dodging an oncoming car.

  • 3

    How are they not frustrated as the artful dodges and projecting

  • 4

    Dodge and burn change the lightness of the pictures.

  • 5

    Gatineau was the host of the 2006 Coupe Dodge.

  • 6

    Pedestrians had to dodge cars in the middle of the block.

  • 7

    She dodged the fire and quickly exited the parlor.

  • 8

    He is the president and chairman of the NP Dodge Company.

  • 9

    It also introduced the Dodge Daytona cars for the first in the series.

  • 10

    The three dodge the pirates and head back to the family's treehouse.