A divisive issue is something that divides people into two groups. It can be something as simple as a political party, or it can be something as complex as a religion.

  • The divisive issue is the abortion debate.

  • The divisive issue is the transgender bathroom issue.

Definition of divisive


dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion)


dissentious, factious

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Example Sentences for divisive

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    The company is divided into the ergonomics division and the retail division.

  • 2

    The Supreme Court includes the Trial Division and the Appellate Division.

  • 3

    The examining division may also override the assessment of the search division.

  • 4

    Division is the undoing of multiplication.

  • 5

    The divisions of the porters are documented.

  • 6

    The issue of importance is divisive.

  • 7

    The userbox is divisive and inflammatory.

  • 8

    Propagated by division and by adventitious plantlets.

  • 9

    The Bohemian division defended the camp.

  • 10

    The Division decided that the bequest was invalid.