Distended means enlarged, swollen. When you distend the stomach, you make it larger by expanding the stomach muscles.

  • The balloon was distended with air, and it was very large.

  • The balloon was distended with gas, and it created a lot of noise.

Definition of distended


To extend or expand, as from internal pressure; to swell


To extend; to stretch out; to spread out.


To cause to swell.


To cause gravidity.


Extended or expanded, as from internal pressure; swollen.



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Example Sentences for distended

  • 1

    The men distended the volume.

  • 2

    The people distended the balloon.

  • 3

    The people distended the the abdomen.

  • 4

    Concurrently the space of sacristy was distended.

  • 5

    The abdomen was diffusely tender and distended.

  • 6

    They were not supposed to distend the value.

  • 7

    Enlargement of the liver and spleen causes the abdomen to distend.

  • 8

    A bellows is used to insufflate air to distend the rectum.

  • 9

    The wearer distends his waist to actuate the transmitter.

  • 10

    Mendes can distend the real into the surreal with imperceptible puffs.