When you say something is distant, you mean that it is not close by. For example, you might say that the sound of the ocean is distant.

  • The ocean is very distant.

  • The sound of the ocean is distant.

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Example Sentences for distantly

  • 1

    The TARDIS materializes on a distant planet in the far future.

  • 2

    Some see the limits of the law as being far in the distant future.

  • 3

    The name of the band was Distant Dreamland.

  • 4

    Additionally, the saucer is a distant cousin to the plate.

  • 5

    But ever viceroy in some distant clime.

  • 6

    The game is set sometime in the distant future.

  • 7

    The hoard is concealed in the depths of a distant planet.

  • 8

    The remainder of the track is distant, droning percussion.

  • 9

    Alas, the outcome of the not too distant discussion was different.

  • 10

    On the distant horizon, the pyrotechnic flame wars rage.