To distance yourself from someone is to move away from them. You can distance yourself emotionally, physically, or both.

  • They distanced themselves from the group by staying away from the conversations.

  • She distanced herself from him by not talking to him anymore.

Definition of distancing


To move away (from) someone or something.


To leave at a distance; to outpace, leave behind.


The process of becoming or making distant.

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Example Sentences for distancing

  • 1

    The length of the altitude is the distance between the base and the vertex.

  • 2

    The whole of the Roman Empire stretched away into the far distance.

  • 3

    One centimeter on the map represents one kilometer of distance on the ground.

  • 4

    The distance between the conveyor belts is less than the length of the articles.

  • 5

    The distance of the race was cut by a furlong to its present length in 1988.

  • 6

    The tool length preferrable is the distance from the users waist to the ground.

  • 7

    My grievance is in the distance.

  • 8

    The sign demarcated the distance.

  • 9

    They heard the sirens in the distance.

  • 10

    Mountains loom in the distance on the right.