Disrupting something is causing it to stop working or to cause a problem. If you disrupt the peace at a protest, you're causing a lot of anger and frustration.

  • The disruption was disrupting the process.

  • The disruption was causing a lot of problems.

Definition of disrupts


make a break in


break up, cut off, interrupt


interfere in someone else's activity




throw into disorder

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Example Sentences for disrupts

  • 1

    But indecipherable is not disruption.

  • 2

    There was a sudden disruption.

  • 3

    He was blocked for disrupting the process, and trying to widen the disruption.

  • 4

    It's tiresome to the point of disruptive.

  • 5

    It disrupts the debate and the editing.

  • 6

    Stop the disruptive provocation.

  • 7

    Disruption galore is on the horizon.

  • 8

    The constant removal is the disruption.

  • 9

    The flow of the text is disrupted.

  • 10

    You are disruptive and disputatious.