To disrobe is to take off all of your clothes. When a person disrobes, they are completely naked.

  • She disrobed for the first time in years, and it felt very liberating.

  • The model was disrobed for the first time in front of a live audience.

Definition of disrobing


To undress someone or something.


dismantle, divest, strip, unclothe, uncover, undress


To undress oneself.


get undressed, strip


Removal of the clothes.

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Example Sentences for disrobing

  • 1

    It was the policy to disrobe inside the pool.

  • 2

    She stands next to the bath and disrobes.

  • 3

    The man disrobed himself to go to sleep.

  • 4

    The folks disrobing in the preview were very pretty.

  • 5

    I'll set up the table, and you can disrobe.

  • 6

    In a bikini bar, dancers typically do not disrobe completely.

  • 7

    In both cases, the fencer is not allowed to disrobe to change cords.

  • 8

    Students disrobe and run a lap around Harvard Yard.

  • 9

    The man had to disrobe himself in order to take a shower.

  • 10

    These women had been forced disrobe and then pose for the camera.