To disprove something is to prove that it is not true. Scientists often use the term to refer to the process of testing a theory or hypothesis to see if it is true.

  • The scientist disproved the theory that the earth was the center of the universe.

  • The scientist disproved the theory that the moon was made out of cheese.

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Example Sentences for disprove

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    It is not the task of the others to disprove it.

  • 2

    Bauer failed to disprove the possibility of impropriety.

  • 3

    The discussion page is the appropriate place to disprove.

  • 4

    The more outlandish the claim, the harder it is to disprove.

  • 5

    The physical evidence utterly disproves the idea.

  • 6

    This experiment was the first to disprove the conservation of parity.

  • 7

    Can anyone disprove the information given in the article

  • 8

    You must prove the negative to disprove the positive.

  • 9

    Line of succession to the British throne clearly disproves the claims.

  • 10

    I see nothing to disprove the assumptions in the deletion discussion.