To be disloyal is to be disloyal to your country or to your leader. Someone who is disloyal might go against their government or their leader.

  • He was arrested for being disloyal to the government.

  • She was fired from her job for being disloyal to her supervisor.

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    In law, treason is the crime of disloyalty to one's nation.

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    It's the accusation of disloyalty that is the problem.

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    Democrats accused Republicans of hypocrisy and disloyalty.

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    The elder Charles accused Humfrid of disloyalty.

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    If the team member is not transparent that can cause disloyalty.

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    In 1162, Aristippus was suspected of disloyalty by the king and imprisoned.

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    His dissent was certainly interpreted as disloyalty to the church.

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    They were convicted of dereliction of duty, cowardice, and disloyalty.

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    He was arrested for disloyalty and imprisoned in Fort Lafayette in 1862.

  • 10

    The Committee heard over 500 cases involving disloyalty and subversion.