When someone is disfigured, they have had some part of their body hurt or damaged so badly that it's no longer normal. This can happen due to a accident, a disease, or even surgery.

  • He was disfigured in the accident.

  • She was disfigured by cancer.

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Example Sentences for disfigured

  • 1

    The new boots permanently distort and disfigure the feet of children.

  • 2

    They disfigured the description.

  • 3

    It was not nice to disfigure the works of others.

  • 4

    The people disfigured the animals' photos.

  • 5

    The people disfigured the figure of the statue.

  • 6

    That tends to disfigure an article and mislead the users.

  • 7

    The accident left him hideously disfigured.

  • 8

    The people disfigured the building by putting it on fire.

  • 9

    It should be banned to disfigure the work of other artists.

  • 10

    Does it mean it has the power to disfigure a body