To disengage is to stop doing something, to stop participating in something. When the students disengaged from the lesson, they stopped listening and participating.

  • The teacher tried to engage the students by talking to them, but it was no use.

  • The company tried to disengage the customers by sending them bills, but that didn't work either.

Definition of disengage


free or remove obstruction from




release from something that holds fast, connects, or entangles




become free

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Example Sentences for disengage

  • 1

    In the open position, they are contracted to disengage the strike.

  • 2

    Rotation in the opposite direction disengages the fuse.

  • 3

    Disengage emotion and listen to the concern and wikilove.

  • 4

    A spring disengages the teeth when the electromagnet is deenergized.

  • 5

    The King's note was then produced and the defenders ordered to disengage.

  • 6

    The last cartridge is disengaged by slightly depressing the follower.

  • 7

    In the end participants were unable to disengage from the conflict.

  • 8

    The tape supporting pins are retracted to disengage from the loop.

  • 9

    I strongly advise all the parties to the case to disengage here.

  • 10

    Initially the pilot has to disengage the angle of attack limiter of the plane.