To disenchant someone is to disillusion them, to cause them to lose their faith in something. Disenchantment can happen when you learn new information that contradicts what you believe.

  • The young girl was disenchanted with the world after she learned about the war.

  • The philosopher was disenchanted with the idea of democracy after he saw how it was working in practice.

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Example Sentences for disenchantment

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    The disillusionment and disenchantment are agonizing.

  • 2

    The incantation of art only intensifies the central disenchantment.

  • 3

    Political corruption and disenchantment.

  • 4

    These crystallised political disenchantment.

  • 5

    They cause disenchantment with the world.

  • 6

    For eber this intellectualization of the world causes disenchantment.

  • 7

    Thus there can be no such thing as the disenchantment of Christianity.

  • 8

    Yes, the FA process can be a disenchantment.

  • 9

    Disenchantment with government is not inevitably reflected at the ballot box.

  • 10

    At a societal level, this disenchantment may lead to rioting.