To discreetly is to do something in a way that keeps the person or thing you're hiding from detection. You might discreetly hide the evidence when you're trying to prove that someone is guilty.

  • The detective discreetly took the evidence to the lab to be analyzed.

  • The teacher discreetly handed out the assignments to the students.

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Example Sentences for discreetly

  • 1

    The pilot discreetly watches this from a distance.

  • 2

    In London Mackintosh discreetly monitors the progress of Rearden.

  • 3

    She discreetly ushers them into the city morgue.

  • 4

    He is then discreetly compensated for his efforts by the husbands.

  • 5

    I am attempting to address the issue discreetly.

  • 6

    I normally find an excuse to discreetly exit the room.

  • 7

    Discreetly Mine won the Risen Star Stakes in February.

  • 8

    Kagura follows and allows the Inuyasha and the gang to discreetly trail her.

  • 9

    In later stories, if the date was asked or revealed, it was done so discreetly.

  • 10

    Hours later, Kate awakens and discreetly leaves while the man is asleep.