To disburse is to give out or distribute something. When the government disburses money to the people, they are giving it to them in small amounts.

  • The government disburses money to the poor on a monthly basis.

  • The company disburses bonuses to its employees on a monthly basis.

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Example Sentences for disburse

  • 1

    The funds are scheduled for disbursement this year.

  • 2

    The funds were not disbursed for five months.

  • 3

    They also disbursed funds as ordered by the courts.

  • 4

    The disbursement of the prize money may be addressed by the Rfl.

  • 5

    The people were not even allowed to disburse their money.

  • 6

    It is only money offered with love that I accept and disburse for my work.

  • 7

    The men disbursed their allowance.

  • 8

    The people disbursed their savings.

  • 9

    The articles in this category will need to be disbursed.

  • 10

    They thought it is not wise to disburse lavishly.