To disassociate is to break away from something or someone. When you disassociate yourself from a group, you stop associating yourself with them.

  • He disassociated himself from the group by leaving the party early.

  • She disassociated herself from the group by refusing to speak.

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Example Sentences for disassociate

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    The name was changed to disassociate the church from the polity Syria.

  • 2

    The expulsion and disassociation is totally passive.

  • 3

    If that's not disassociation, I don't know what is.

  • 4

    A former whiz kid disassociates into psychosis.

  • 5

    I will simply disassociate from the project and move on.

  • 6

    Though we have to be wary of insufficient disassociation.

  • 7

    I and anyone has the right to free association or disassociation.

  • 8

    He nevertheless tried to disassociate himself from the rioting.

  • 9

    Please disassociate the mediation attempt from the NLP Promoters.

  • 10

    Please feel free to disassociate yourselves from me...