To dine is to have a meal. When you dine out, you're usually eating in a restaurant.

  • They dined at a fancy restaurant, and the bill was expensive.

  • They dined at a restaurant near the beach, and the food was delicious.

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Example Sentences for dines

  • 1

    The kitchen is in the back corner of the dining room.

  • 2

    The kitchen and dining room is on the west side of the apartment.

  • 3

    Food served in the dining room is prepared in the kitchen in the basement.

  • 4

    The hostel have modern dining halls and a hygienic kitchen.

  • 5

    Ambulatory patients eat in the main dining room.

  • 6

    They used to dine with one another in the dining room.

  • 7

    They dined in the other house.

  • 8

    In the middle of the structure is the dining area.

  • 9

    The dining hall is attached to The Annex.

  • 10

    The others will be allowed to dine on the leftovers.