The dimmest light is the light that you can see with the best of circumstances. It's usually not strong enough to see anything clearly.

  • It was too dim to see anything.

  • The dimmest light allowed you to see the outline of the objects.

Definition of dimmest


Not bright or colorful.


Not smart or intelligent.


Indistinct, hazy or unclear.


Disapproving, unfavorable: rarely used outside the phrase take a dim view of.


Lessened, reduced


Made to seem less important, impressive, or valuable


Reduced by a semitone

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Example Sentences for dimmest

  • 1

    Stop the dimming of the sun rays.

  • 2

    The sights grew dim with age.

  • 3

    An oaf is a large dim witted person.

  • 4

    An oaf is a large dim witted person.

  • 5

    Not the dim luster shown in the macro photos.

  • 6

    Oaf is a large dim witted person.

  • 7

    Larry is the most excitable of the group, and is occasionally dim.

  • 8

    The amplitude of the inverter output is adjustable to dim the lamps.

  • 9

    Leo lies between dim Cancer to the west and Virgo to the east.

  • 10

    His face shone transfigured and happily smiling out of the dimness.