To dilute something is to make it less concentrated. You can dilute a solution by adding more water or other liquids.

  • The new law will dilute the power of the old law.

  • The new drink will dilute the taste of the old drink.

Definition of diluting


To make thinner by adding solvent to a solution, especially by adding water.


To weaken, especially by adding a foreign substance.


To cause the value of individual shares or the stake of a shareholder to decrease by increasing the total number of shares.


To become attenuated, thin, or weak.

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Example Sentences for diluting

  • 1

    Thanks to the thinner, it is now diluted.

  • 2

    The thinner is often used by chemists to dilute.

  • 3

    Every dilution of accurate articles reduces the value of the entire wikipedia.

  • 4

    Solvents dilute the binder, thus diluting the binding strength of the paint.

  • 5

    It tends to dilute the reality of the situation.

  • 6

    Dilution controls the intensity of the pigmentation.

  • 7

    Let's dilute the hell out of the system.

  • 8

    It dissolves with effervescence in dilute nitric acid.

  • 9

    It is an effect of the dilution of the solvent in the presence of a solute.

  • 10

    Dilution with nitrogen rendered contents nonflammable.