To dilate is to enlarge or stretch something. When you dilate your pupil, you are making your eyes wider so that you can see better.

  • The medication dilates the blood vessels, which makes the person feel dizzy.

  • The play was very dilatory, and I felt like I was waiting forever for anything to happen.

Definition of dilate


add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing


elaborate, enlarge, expand, expatiate, exposit, expound, flesh out, lucubrate


become wider



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Example Sentences for dilate

  • 1

    The pupil is often fixed and dilated.

  • 2

    It was the Cover for the album Dilate by Ani DiFranco.

  • 3

    Ectasia is the dilation or distension of an anatomical structure.

  • 4

    The iris is lighter and appears to always be dilated.

  • 5

    This causes the veins to dilate and retains more blood.

  • 6

    It is called the ratio of magnification, dilation factor or similitude ratio.

  • 7

    The stomach often dilates to accommodate food intake and secretions.

  • 8

    Then as the anxiety passes the blood vessels dilate to the point of rupture.

  • 9

    This will make the skin area around the spike soften and dilate.

  • 10

    Treatment consists of painkillers and surgical ablation of the dilated vein.