Dextrose is a type of sugar that is often used in food and drinks to make them sweet. It is often used in combination with other sugars to make them more sweet.

  • The drink was dextrose and sweet.

  • The cake was very sweet, with a dextrose flavor.

Definition of dextrose


an isomer of glucose that is found in honey and sweet fruits


dextroglucose, grape sugar

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Example Sentences for dextrose

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    Some throat lozenges are pure dextrose.

  • 2

    The sugar and dextrose are mixed for a sufficient time.

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    Dextrose is most often derived from corn.

  • 4

    Dextrose or sucrose that is used in this fashion ferments the food.

  • 5

    Another catheter connects the valve to a bag of dextrose.

  • 6

    The term dextrose is derived from dextrorotatory glucose .

  • 7

    For nutritional support, amino acid solutions and dextrose are available.

  • 8

    It can be diluted with 5% dextrose if necessary for ease of administration.

  • 9

    Dextrose is added to some brands of sugar as an anti caking agent.

  • 10

    Glucose or dextrose syrup is produced from number 2 yellow dent corn.