Devout means religious or devoted. When someone is devout, they are very religious, and they often follow the rules of their religion very closely.

  • The devout person always wears a cross around their neck.

  • The devout person is always very respectful of their religion.

Definition of devout


deeply religious




sincerely earnest


dear, earnest, heartfelt

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Example Sentences for devout

  • 1

    He was affable to the godly and devout, formidable to the proud and negligent.

  • 2

    Many of the poets were religiously devout.

  • 3

    She was a devout Roman Catholic while his religious views were unformed.

  • 4

    Both are lovingly maintained by the devout.

  • 5

    The people in Karimnagar are devout Hindus.

  • 6

    Bayoumi is a devout Muslim, obliging and gregarious.

  • 7

    Abraham's father was an idolater but Abraham is a devout monotheist.

  • 8

    She is devout member of the Flatwoods Church of Christ.

  • 9

    She was a devout Christian and was cannonized by the Churches of the East.

  • 10

    'Dappa Oh Kuuya' is the most devout of the Hachibushu.