A detour is a diversion or an alternate route. When you're driving, you might need to take a detour to avoid an accident.

  • The detour caused a delay of the trip.

  • The detour caused the driver to miss the bus.

Definition of detours


a roundabout road (especially one that is used temporarily while a main route is blocked)


roundabout way


travel via a detour

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Example Sentences for detours

  • 1

    The affected portion of the trail is long, and the detour route is long.

  • 2

    The Detour for this leg of the race was Noodle or Dragon.

  • 3

    Connect the city through the shortest detour.

  • 4

    On the first half of the leg, the Detour was Spike It or Steam It.

  • 5

    Immediately after the Detour was the last Yield of the race.

  • 6

    From there the infantry retraced their steps on the Bentonville Detour.

  • 7

    The roads connect the city through the shortest detour.

  • 8

    The Detour in the first half of the leg was to choose between Carry or Count.

  • 9

    In the last Detour of the race, teams had to choose between Art and Fashion.

  • 10

    Less intrepid visitors can detour from the A82 to view the Falls of Dochart.