To detonate is to cause something to explode. This can be a literal explosion, or it can be a more figurative explosion, such as when a plan or idea is finally realized.

  • The plan was supposed to detonate after a certain date, but it never happened.

  • His plan to detonate the bomb at a specific time was foiled by the police.

Definition of detonating


To explode; to blow up. Specifically, to combust supersonically via shock compression.


To cause to explode.

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Example Sentences for detonating

  • 1

    The use of atomic bombs with the effects predicted after the test detonation.

  • 2

    You should detonate the bomb or disarm the bomb.

  • 3

    There were two theories as to the detonation of the bomb.

  • 4

    They manage to kill Skorzeny and avert the detonation of the bomb.

  • 5

    At the conclusion of that film, a cobalt bomb detonation incinerates the Earth.

  • 6

    Idris dialed the number of the Nokia to detonate the bomb at the Consulate.

  • 7

    The assassin planned to get close to the Pope, and detonate the bomb.

  • 8

    The bomb would later detonate, destroying the Captain and the Hub.

  • 9

    To detonate the bomb, MacGyver throws a nondescript blunt object at it.

  • 10

    Irina turns off the lights, and decides not to detonate the bomb in the tomb.