To deprive someone of something is to take away their ability to have or use that thing. If you deprive someone of sunlight, they will be unable to see.

  • The trees were deprived of sunlight because of the sky clear.

  • The company deprived the workers of their rights by not giving them a raise.

Definition of deprive


take away possessions from someone


divest, strip


take away




keep from having, keeping, or obtaining

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Example Sentences for deprive

  • 1

    The men deprived their money.

  • 2

    They endured hunger and deprivation.

  • 3

    His father was deprived of the title under the Titles Deprivation Act 1917.

  • 4

    Disenfranchise is to 'deprive of the right to vote'.

  • 5

    The community deprived the members' rights.

  • 6

    The thief deprived the rights of the people.

  • 7

    Much of the deprivation is concentrated on the Handsworth area.

  • 8

    It deprives the victims of the justice they need and deserve.

  • 9

    One of these sanctions was the deprivation of church burial.

  • 10

    He was deprived of these three preferments in 1559.