To democratically vote is to cast your vote according to the majority of the people who are voting. When you democratically vote, you are voting for the candidate or idea that you believe is the best choice.

  • The election was democratically decided, with the majority of the votes going to the candidate that everyone was expecting.

  • The company is democratically owned, which is why everyone has a say in the decisions that are made.

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  • 1

    He is President of the Economical Council of the Christian Democratic Party.

  • 2

    Lau defends an assertive political platform in the democratic camp.

  • 3

    Democrats act as if they believed all that humbug about liberal media bias.

  • 4

    The timorous politics of so many Democrats feel compelled to rush to the middle.

  • 5

    The Democrats assumed that claiming credit for achieving such power could only redound to their political advantage.

  • 6

    The county is reliably Democratic.

  • 7

    This is the logo of the progressive democrats.

  • 8

    It is a setback to the democratic process in the country.

  • 9

    It is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • 10

    She was the nominee of the Democratic party.