Demigods are people who are very powerful and famous. They are usually considered to be above average in terms of intelligence and strength.

  • The demigod is a very powerful person, and he is not happy about it.

  • The demigod is a very famous person, and he is not happy about it.

Definition of demigods


a person who is part mortal and part god




a person with great powers and abilities


superman, ubermensch

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Example Sentences for demigods

  • 1

    He is the master of all demigods.

  • 2

    All the demigods reside in the body of a Cow.

  • 3

    Indra was the arrogant and capricious demigod of rains and thunder.

  • 4

    The Empire of Iuz is an empire ruled by the demigod Iuz.

  • 5

    Hercules stops him, but then the satyr challenges the demigod.

  • 6

    The legion's symbols were a Capricorn and the demigod Hercules.

  • 7

    The stories involve a demigod character known as The Wolf.

  • 8

    The Divine Right of Kings gave the monarch the image of a Demigod.

  • 9

    When dude was talking the demigod of the sun, I was confused.

  • 10

    Pan is the demigod of nature who falls under the control of Cronos.