To demean someone is to treat them in a way that is not fair or respectful. When you demean someone, you make them feel lower than themself.

  • He demeaned her by calling her a stupid name.

  • She demeaned him by calling him a liar.

Definition of demeans


reduce in worth or character, usually verbally


degrade, disgrace, put down, take down

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Example Sentences for demeans

  • 1

    The tone and language are demeaning.

  • 2

    The tone is demeaning and insulting.

  • 3

    The tone is insulting and demeaning.

  • 4

    The heart of the neighborhood is the rue Demean.

  • 5

    It is pathetic and demeans the authenticity of the entire page.

  • 6

    The tone is demeaning and intimidating and the nature is personal.

  • 7

    They demean the person, as well as the standards of Wikipedia.

  • 8

    It is unfair and demeaning to them to casually disrupt the process.

  • 9

    The new sections are rubbish meant to demean the school.

  • 10

    The statements above demean other branches of the military.