To delve is to go deep into something. You might delve into the history of a country or the details of a project.

  • He was delving into the details of the project, which was why he was taking so long.

  • The archaeologist was delving into the mysteries of the ancient ruins.

Definition of delving


To dig the ground, especially with a shovel.


To search thoroughly and carefully for information, research, dig into, penetrate, fathom, trace out


To dig, to excavate.


The act of one who delves.


The shaking of tin ore in a sieve held underwater so that the waste flows out, leaving the tin behind.

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Example Sentences for delving

  • 1

    Let's delve into the origins of the disputes.

  • 2

    You've delved into the realm of the absurd.

  • 3

    It did not delve into the various laws of the land.

  • 4

    A serious discussion of Art will begin to delve into these interrelationships.

  • 5

    It should not delve into the minutiae of individual parts of the work.

  • 6

    On the planet, Worf and the alien delve into the dark jungle.

  • 7

    That is notable but this is not the section to delve into all the gory details.

  • 8

    Only conscious entities can delve into the realms of the conscious.

  • 9

    Delve back if you will into the history of teh Nonesuch label.

  • 10

    He loves to delve in the fields of Bass Fishing and Call of Duty.