To dehumanize someone is to make them seem like an animal, or to treat them like an animal. You might dehumanize someone by calling them names, or by treating them like they are not human.

  • He dehumanized her by calling her a name.

  • The soldiers dehumanized the prisoners by treating them like animals.

Definition of dehumanize


deprive of human qualities




make mechanical or routine



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Example Sentences for dehumanize

  • 1

    Ilaiah is not dehumanized here at all.

  • 2

    It's a loadedterm used to dehumanize people.

  • 3

    There is a continued attempt to delegitimze and dehumanize.

  • 4

    One common trait is mass dehumanization.

  • 5

    It distances the dignity and dehumanizes the people in question.

  • 6

    It does not mean a dehumanized point of view.

  • 7

    It was so fake, so completely dehumanized.

  • 8

    The complete dehumanization of a person in preparation for the V .

  • 9

    The term is also used as a form of dehumanization.

  • 10

    The novel explores the dehumanization of modern society.