When you deflect something, you try to avoid or avoid looking at it. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of avoiding or hiding from a person or thing.

  • He deflects all of the questions about his past.

  • She deflects all of the compliments that she receives.

Definition of deflecting


To make (something) deviate from its original path.


(ball games) To touch the ball, often unwittingly, after a shot or a sharp pass, thereby making it unpredictable for the other players.


To deviate from its original path.


To avoid addressing (questions, criticism, etc.).




To divert (attention, etc.).

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Example Sentences for deflecting

  • 1

    This minimizes the deflection of the cylinders.

  • 2

    Stop trying to deflect and dissemble.

  • 3

    The arrow deflected off the window.

  • 4

    This delays the onset of the intrinsicoid deflection.

  • 5

    That reduces the needed deflection angle of the aileron.

  • 6

    The amount of deflection indicates the magnitude of the unbalance.

  • 7

    The deflection equates to the product of the force and a constant.

  • 8

    Another parameters was the load deflection characteristics of the washers.

  • 9

    By then he knew of the gravitational redshift and the deflection of light.

  • 10

    Means are provided for signalling the measure of the deflection to the surface.